ClearJanuary is a design consultancy with over two decades experience in understanding business needs and translating them into successful products or services.

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    Mark Caudell

    Design Director

    Mark started designing back in 1999 when Photoshop was the go-to and HTML layout was done in tables. From humble beginnings of design and building websites, he worked his way up the design career path to Design Director for a NMA top50 agency where he focussed on the financial services industry setting the design direction for global banks and leading teams.

    Always having a passion for new technology and creating user focussed products and services, Mark started seeing the design industry start to change. Following suit, he changed his focus to exploring new industries, ways of working and emerging software and technology.

    Mark now leads our UX and UI design practice working both at service design and hands on levels to help clients acheive their business goals.

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    Anu Caudell

    Finance Director

    Anu’s career has seen her move across a wide gamut of industries and departments giving her a wealth of knowledge in HR, facilities, sales and finance and a heap of flexibility.

    Anu’s keen ability to see gaps in markets where there should be products and services has seen her start up many thriving businesses and projects in the charity sector and beyond.

    Anu now looks after the finances within Clear January as well as being the voice of the user making sure everything we design works for the intended userbase.

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Large scale projects completed with…
  • Travelport
  • Abbvie
  • HSBC
  • Sky
  • RBS
  • G4S
  • Barclays