Live Election Coverage

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The 2015 election results live on every page of Skynews The 2015 election results live on every page of Skynews

Business Problem

With the UK General Election coming up in 6 months time how can SkyNews make the most of the available data around public voting statistics and expert insight to help inform the website and app users with the aim of creating better informed voters, whilst increasing traffic to the website to increase advertising revenue.


Using the responsive website and the app in tandem, I wanted to create a digital experience that would sit alongside the televisual experience harmoniously whilst giving a greater depth and breadth of content. All the while the importance of understanding the SkyNews average user and their expectations in the simplicity of presentation and information.


The resulting election layer sat at the top of every website page for the duration of the election coverage and persisted for about 4 weeks post election. The resulting digital and TV coverage won several awards and gained the highest number of viewers across all news media outlets. It included a live blog giving blow-by-blow accounts of what was happening, why and what it could mean, a look at Sky's predictions around the swing counties and how social media was effecting the election.